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Spirulina Maxima 500 Tablets

Spiral Spring

Our easiest way to take Spirulina.

Perfect on any kind of lifestyle, bringing your nutritional intake to its greatest.  


Organic Spirulina Maxima.

What is Spirulina Maxima?

The easiest natural way to power up your body with all necessary key nutrients for its optimal performance.


Up to 70% Green Protein, Antioxidants, Essential Amino acids, Pro-biotics, Magnesium, Iron, Folic Acid, Multi-Vitamins, Omega 3, Omega 6.

How To Take: 

Easy to swallow or chew. Can be use throughout the day but we recommend during morning. 


    Recommended portion: 2g - 5g daily. (4-10 tablets)

    Approximate time of consumption: 1-2 months (with recommended portion).

    Net Weight: 250g (8.8oz).  

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        • What is the main reason people take this supplement ? What is quality rating of this supplement compared to others .

          Great Question!

          The reasons can vary depending on each lifestyle. But the some of the main ones are:

          Boost Immune system
          Increase Energy levels
          Blood detoxifier (heavy metals like mercury and lead)
          Supply the body with all the necessary nutrients. (Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B, etc.)

          But it really depends on what your goals are?

          Like in many cases, Vegans used it as their main soucre of protein. Up to 70% of its composition is easy digestable protein. 
          Also it's popular because the high amount of antioxidants that offers. 4x more than blueberries.
          Atheltes used it to increase stamina levels, blood oxigenation and protein intake.
          And some other poeple as a easy way to help control cholesterol and sugar levels in their blood.

          Comparing the quality rating with other supplements, is simple:

          Is a 100% natural source.
          It will not have any secondary effects on your body's organs in a long term, like artificial supplements do.
          It's consider as the most complete Superfood, nutrional speaking.
          And the best part is that is fully certify.