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Balance body and mind

spirulina benefits on Body and mind balance

Are you on the journey to become your Better self?

Spirulina Maxima contains proteins, essential nutrients and a minimum amount of calories that will bring balance to your nutrition intake, while purifying your blood and bringing a better oxygenation to your system. Also the combination of minerals and vitamins strengthens immune system response.

Spirulina Maxima's probiotic phytonutrents are helpful to control weight without suffering of malnutrition. It will expand in your stomach, creating a feeling of satiety that will make you eat less amounts of food without losing the essential nutrients that your body needs. 

With a low content of fat, Spirulina Maxima helps to control overweight without causing colateral harmful effects derived from the use of drugs or substances that hidrate the stomach to give a satiety sensation.

Spirulina Maxima will also give you a healthier and fresh-look on your skin, thanks to its contents of antioxidant vitamins A and E.

Gamma-linolenic acid, contained in Spirulina Maxima in high amounts, helps balance cholesterol and triglycerid levels in the blood. 

Memory and concentration abilities can be improved by the daily consumption of Spirulina Maxima, which contains B-complex vitamins and a high concentration of Methionine, a substance involved in the memory and concentration processes.

It also helps you to remain more alert and awake, thanks to its excellent blend of essential aminoacids.


People with vegetarian eating habits should be especially careful with their diet in order to obtain adequate proportions of nutrients.

Did you know that Spirulina Maxima contains three times more vitamin B12 than liver, and that its daily consumption provides six times more iron than whole grain cereals, and 34 times more than spinach!

Besides, it substitutes animal protein with higher-quality, toxin-, fat-, and cholesterol-free proteins, protecting you from malnutrition.

 Spirulina benefits balancing body


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