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Athletes Performance

Spirulina benefits strength

Do you perform intense physical activity?  

Did you know that Spirulina Maxima is highly recommended as part of the diet undergone by runners before and after marathon competitions, due to the quality and quantity of its protein content. 

The quality and quantity of protein gives your body a better feelings of strength.  Allowing the body to quickly replenish the energy used during high physical activities while rising stamina levels, so you can focus on setting new goals.

Spirulina Maxima contains glucogen, a substance stored in the liver as glucose reservoir, source of biochemical energy

It also contains all the essential amino-acids in highly digestible forms. Which allows the body to quickly replenish all the necessary nutrients for a faster recovery. 

And thanks to its pack content of carotenoids, it will boost you immune system. Turning into your best ally against any virus or season allergies that can came across your journey.

Spirulina will maintain your muscles in a new level of health.


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