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Always Feeling Young

Spirulina benefits antioxidants

Do you wish to improve the quality of your life in a natural way?

You will be surprised by how much better you will feel.

Thanks to its micro-nutrients and its combination of Antioxidants, the daily consumption of Spirulina helps you supplement your nutrition, strengthen your immune system, and helps balance cholesterol and triglycerid levels in the blood thanks to the Gamma-linolenic acid contained high amounts. Putting your blood pressure on a normal range.

It can also increase the efficacy of medical treatments you are prescribed.

You will also experience better digestion, because Spirulina Maxima stimulates the intestinal flora, making your metabolism to be active on a regular basis.


Chronic degenerative or infectious disorders

Do you have high cholesterol or triglycerid levels?  Do you suffer of some disease?

Gammalinolenic acid, contained in Spirulina Maxima in high amounts, helps balance cholesterol and triglycerid levels in the blood. 

Also the combination of minerals and vitamins strengthens immune system response, increasing the efficacy of medical treatment. 

Some studies show that that AIDS patients have better tolerance for their treatments when they consume Spirulina Maxima, and that it also attenuates the discomfort caused by chemotherapy.  (Always consult your doctors first). 


Spirulina benefits in seniors


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