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June 03, 2016

 This Time we had the chance to collaborate with Jess from Nourished by Nutrition.

We instantly felt in love with her! Her passion and enthusiast for a healthy living will take you to a healthy new experience. 

"I will show you just how simple and delicious healthy can be! Healthy is a lifestyle that encompasses whole living and balance in all aspect of life, with nutritious food being the foundation"

-Jess @Nourished by Nutrition


She wrote about what she experienced with Spiral Spring and also created an incredibly healthy delicious recipe!

"I use Spiral Spring Choco Spiral powder to give these energy bites a rich chocolatey taste that is also loaded with nutrition from spirulina. I’ve been hesitant to continue trying spirulina in my recipes because I haven’t previously had much success. I was having trouble finding a recipe where I couldn’t detect a slight sea-water aftertaste. (If you have a recipe you love, please share!). However, I must say I love this recipe and it’s all thanks to Spiral Spring Choco Spiral powder. This superfood powder is truly unique. It’s a combination of cocao, oat flour and spirulina, which by the way is completely undetectable."

 -Nourished by Nutrition


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