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The Wheatless Kitchen review of spiral spring

May 30, 2016

This time we have the chance to work with Candace Bell from The Wheatless Kitchen

Passionate for wellness combined with a gluten free lifestyle, Candace inspire us with her story and all her knowledge!

Here is some about her life experience.

"Then I told her about my current symptoms, which were similar, just with added stomach pain. She sat there and listened to every word I said, took notes, and nodded her head.And I will never forget what she said to me when she looked up. She said “first of all, you are not crazy, and I think you have food allergies. I went all in. I cut out every single thing on that list, and just like that, I was a new person. I couldn’t believe it! Within 5 days, my headaches were practically gone, I was starting to feel not as tired throughout the day, and my stomach was starting to feel better."

-Candace @ The Wheatless Kitchen

She wrote and create ways to use our products, here is some about what she wrote.

"The reason I love Spiral Spring is because they provide a very high quality product, and they have been around for 15 years, so you know they are doing things right! They sent me a couple of their products to test out, and I was really impressed. I used the regular spirulina to make a peach green smoothie, and their chocolate powder to make a chocolate almond banana smoothie."

-The Wheatless Kitchen





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