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VeegMama's Spirulina Tips!

April 23, 2016

It's impossible not to be caught by VeegMama's life mission, we certainly feel grateful of the opportunity to collaborate with her. 




"I am on a mission to live the good life – in every meaning of the word.  I want to help you and your family live it too!  For me, that means creating your best life through food, wellness, and personal fulfillment."

-Stephanie Dreyer


Here is some of her experience with Spiral Spring's Spirulina Maxima.


"The two most common forms of commercially available spirulina are powder and tablets.  Consuming spirulina on a daily basis provides essential vitamins and fatty acids like no other food.  It is the easiest source of digestible, natural protein."



6 Ways to add Spirulina to Your Diet


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