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Delicious Spirulina Maxima Power Bites

February 29, 2016

Discover what TheTrue Spoon did with Spiral Spring.

The perfect combination between healthy and delicious.

We are so excited about of her work and how everything she does looks perfect!  

This is some about her experience with Spirulina Maxima:

"I made my energy snacks with deliciously healthy ingredients including buckwheat, peanut butter, coconut, dates, lemon, and Spiral Spring spirulina Maxima powder. The ingredient mix of my Spirulina power bites provide fiber, antioxidants, and high protein to keep you hustling all day. Spirulina powder is an extreme superfood, one serving of the green gold can provide a high percentage of your daily micronutrients!"

-The True Spoon


Spirulina power bites

The True Spoon & Spiral Spring recipe instagram post

The True Spoon & Spiral Spring Bites instagram post


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